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Hi, my name is Althea, and I’m a menogyal.  I’m British but of Afro-Caribbean descent. I wanted a name for my blog that describes me and my heritage so menogyal it is.

Meno relates to me as a post-menopausal woman, and ‘gyal’ is the local name for girl in Jamaica.

What can I tell you about me and why have I’ve decided to become a blogger?

I’ve always wanted to become a lifestyle blogger if I’m honest. I’ve reached the stage in my life, where I said it’s now or never.

Sharing my blog ideas and thoughts on life with other women is something I’m passionate about. It’s great to inspire others, and to be inspired by others.

I’m also a great believer in positively embracing the menopausal journey. I see it as the ‘university of my age’, as I learn more about myself each day. 

In my spare time I enjoy cooking, listening to music, which I do every day. I enjoy exercise and fitness, and I do yoga, which is my first love, pilates and body pump.

I love traveling, and I’m lucky that I can travel to faraway places that are off the beaten track.

All my friends will tell you that I love a good girlie night out, and I’m always the one that suggests after a meal, that we find a club or wine bar with music so that we can have a bop or two on the floor. 

I’m passionate about natural skincare and healthy eating, so I’m looking forward to sharing some of my simple home cook recipes and skincare tips with you all. 

Trying different fashion styles is something I really enjoy doing. I would say that I’m more of an impulsive shopper, if I see something, try it and like it and I can afford it, then I’ll buy it. I don’t have a big wardrobe, so I enjoy being creative with my clothes and mix and match what I have in my wardrobe.

I hope that my lifestyle blog inspires and supports other women, so that we can go on the journey together. If I can do this, then I’ll be a very happy over 50’s blogger.

Have fun and thank you for reading about me.

Love Althea x

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