work with me


work with me

I am passionate about natural skincare. I would welcome to opportunity to be a brand ambassador for any natural new or existing skincare brand to help to promote skincare products to mature and menopausal women.

I can work with you to showcase your brand and help you to connect with an over 50’s female audience, so that you can build trust, loyalty, and engagement.

I’m happy to support the launch of new products aimed at mature women in the marketplace, I can support your new product marketing and social media activities.

I love to flaunt my age and would be happy to get involved in different modelling assignment from lingerie to high street fashion. I want to inspire mature women so that they can be fashionable and sexy too.

If you’re think of launching a new campaign or simply need someone to represent you at an exhibition at home or abroad, I have the experience and communication skills to do just that.

I started this blog because I enjoy exploring, researching, and writing about different topics. I love to write blogs and articles on subjects for skincare, fashion trends, diet and nutrition, fitness for over 50’s and the menopause.

I'm at an age where I have time to get to know me, inspire me and be kind to me. I don't care what people think of me, I just try to be kind, open and respectful to others.


As a new lifestyle blogger, I would love to work with brands of all ages, who want to inspire women and showcase their brands.

I would especially like to work with brands, that want to appeal to a culturally diverse audience, as well as good cause organisations and charities.

I have a broad fan base from a diverse range of cultural backgrounds, with different experiences and needs, and I would like my blog to appeal to this wide ranging audience.

I’m happy to showcase brands that want to engage and talk with women in their 40, 50’s and above.

I’m passionate about healthy lifestyles for women, and my blog focuses on beauty, diet, fashion, fitness, food, and wellbeing for women in their mid to late forties upwards.

So, if you’re a high street fashion retailer, online beauty or fashion store, small artisan, or boudoir boutique, then get in touch, I would love to chat about beauty, skincare, health and fitness and general lifestyles that engage, and improve the wellbeing of women over 50.

As a post menopausal woman, I’m also passionate about the menopause, and believe in communicating a positive message about the menopause journey that women like me over 50 go through.

I want to share my knowledge and experiences about this to other women to inspire then to take a positive approach to the menopause so that they can feel better about themselves as they go through this unchartered journey.

So, if this sounds good then do get in touch. 

 You can email me at: [email protected]

Happy days Althea x

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